We train
your brain
through play
to spark creativity,
support belonging,
& foster team building.

An Innovative Way To Promote Team Building

Play-based learning that’s recognized by Fast Company & taught across the Fortune 500.

Developed while teaching at Stanford University, Ludolo’s remote learning sessions use collaborative Play to increase cognitive flexibility, strengthen collaboration, and develop belonging in a time of ambiguity.

How does your organization lead in a time of crises?

Everyone’s Amygdala’s are being hijacked right now, which in turn inhibits creativity, psychological safety, trust, and inclusion at home and at work.

Remote Play

Disrupt linear thinking, promote
collaboration, and build trust between your employees. 

Compassionate Leadership
Through Play Course

A collaborative, hands-on, and
novel experience to expand your
leadership style.

Play is nature's greatest tool to develop cognitive flexibility and shut down the Amygdala Hijack.

Ludolo is a fast, fun, and effective way to provide remote teams with the tools to increase creativity, productivity, motivation, and develop belonging during a time where work and home are now one in the same.

One-Hour With Ludolo Will

Inspire co-creativity &
unity across disparate

Deepen empathy
and create emotionally
attuned workers

Provide joy and belonging in a time of increasing uncertainty

Boost innovation with a greater capacity for divergent thinking

Group 8

What do leaders have to say about their experience with us?

After 1-hour of experiencing Ludolo, 100% feel more trust between colleagues, enriched collaboration, and motivated to go back to work.

Looking for a FUN way to develop creativity, belonging, and mental well-being?

100% experience a shift in mindset while
building the habits to become today's leaders.