Where creativity
and empathy meet
to play

Developed at Stanford
University, and rooted in
Neuroscience and Learning Science

Ludolo is a Play-based learning company that sparks innovation, strengthens culture, and fosters human connection all while developing Emotional Intelligence.

Experiential Play

Disrupt linear thinking, promote
collaboration, and serve as a
diagnostic tool, all to build a
healthy culture.

Compassionate Leadership
Through Play Course

A collaborative, hands-on, and
novel experience to expand your
leadership style.

What we do

Inspire co-creativity &
unity across disparate

Deepen empathy
and create emotionally
attuned workers

Strengthen a commitment to
vision with a shared passion

Boost innovation with a greater capacity for divergent thinking

Our Mission:

To pioneer a movement around collaborative Play-based learning that cultivates the empathy we need for a more connected and embodied humanity.

We're global Players

We’ve worked with organizations around the world –
Asia, Europe, Australia, and the United States.
Group 8

What our customers are saying:

Ludolo boosted our productivity and instilled a mindset of learning, introspection and collaboration among participants. The value added was significant.

Jean-Louis Racine

Climate Technology Program Global Lead, World Bank

Ludolo provided an energizing workshop on emotional intelligence and compassionate leadership that provided new tools to continue creating a positive and holistic work environment for all.

Cecilia B. Loving

Deputy Commissioner, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, FDNY

“The most impactful training I’ve ever been a part of.”

Patrick Davis

Director, PWC

“I urge any employers looking to bring innovation, creativity, and confidence out of participants to definitely consider Ludolo.”

JD Schramm

Director, King Global Leadership Development Program, Stanford University

“Blown away. The gains continue to be felt in our work and relationships.”

Lexi Janukajtis

VP, Community Products, WEWORK

100% experience a shift in mindset while building the
habits to become today's leaders.

100% experience a shift in mindset while
building the habits to become today's leaders.