COVID-19 has changed the way we work. It's time to bring Play into our lives and elevate our potential.

Developed while teaching at Stanford University, Ludolo's 1-hour experiential learning sessions use collaborative Play to increase cognitive flexibility, strengthen collaboration, and develop belonging in a time of ambiguity. Our remote programming creates a foundational action plan to overcome the challenges of remote work.

Each 1-hour Play session consists of behavior designed games taken from master level theater training, played as a group and in small teams via ZOOM. The games are given further context with lessons in neuroscience, learning science, and organizational development.

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Play-based learning that's recognized by Fast Company & taught across the Fortune 500.


Roger Manix is at the forefront of designing transformational experiences rooted in Play-based learning around the world. His teachings develop stronger collaboration, inspire innovation, and create belonging through Play.

An Hour of Play Will ...

Boost Innovation and Creativity

Increase Resiliance and Adaptability

Foster Belonging and Community

What do leaders have to say about their experiences with Ludolo?

JD Schramm

Director, King Global Leadership Development Program, Stanford University

"I urge any employers looking to bring innovation, creativity, and confidence out of participants to definitely consider Ludolo."

Cecilia Loving

Chief Diversity Equity & Inclusion Officer, FDNY

"Ludolo offers an energizing workshop on emotional intelligence and compassionate leadership, providing new tools to create a positive and holistic work environment for all."

Jean-Louis Racine

Climate Technology Program Global Lead, World Bank

"Ludolo boosted our productivity and instilled a mindset of learning, introspection and collaboration amongst participant. The value added was significant"

Looking for a FUN way to develop creativity and belonging?

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