Ludolo is for organizations looking to adapt to the future of work.

Everyone’s Amygdala’s are being hijacked right now, which in turn inhibits creativity, psychological safety, trust, and inclusion at home and at work. 

Play is nature’s greatest tool to develop cognitive flexibility and shut down the Amygdala Hijack. 

Being in a fight, flight, or freeze mode results in unhappy workers who feel no sense of purpose, lack of connection to others, and are detached from any sort of passion or drive to make a difference.

Organizations that develop the emotional and social well-being of their employees see:

More profit

Better retention

Higher productivity

Technology brings us together. Play teaches us how to be together.

The relationship between Emotional and Social Wellness and job performance is noted to be a direct indicator of success. Our unique combination of Learning Science, Neurobiology and Game Mechanics is unmatched in its immediacy to strengthen the behaviors people need to be more creative, productive, and collaborative.

Most others provide band-aid solutions that disregard the formula for learning: social (we learn best in groups), active (learner vs lecturer centered), practice (continued effort), and experiential (no death by PowerPoint).

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Leadership Through
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