Ludolo helps organizations adapt to the future of work.

We first developed our methodology of using games to foster emotional and social intelligence at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business in 2008. The premise behind our approach is straightforward: Learning is a four-part harmony: it’s social, active, requires practice, and must be experienced. In other words, we learn best in groups, when we participate in discussions, when we make a continued effort, and when we do the work and actually see the results.

When you invest in the emotional and social well-being of your employees, you'll see:

More profit

Better retention

Higher productivity

Technology brings us together. Ludolo teaches us how to be together.

Your team’s performance is directly tied to their emotional and social well-being. Not surprisingly, the most successful organizations are the ones who prioritize wellness. Ludolo’s unique combination of Learning Science, Neurobiology, and Game Mechanics is unmatched in its immediacy to strengthen the behaviors people need to be more creative, productive, and collaborative.


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