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Since the year 2000, empathy has dropped 40% in college students.
That translates to workers with an inability to communicate and connect with others.

The State of The Global Workplace (2017) Gallup Report found only 15% of individuals actually liked their work, with the other 85% bucketed as “sleep workers” or actively hating their jobs.

Widespread disengagement results in unhappy workers who feel no sense of purpose, lack of connection to others, and are detached from any sort of passion or drive to make a difference.

The lack of empathy coupled with widespread disengagement manifests in two areas: Erosion of culture and inhibited innovation.

The majority of our waking hours are spent at work. If we are not addressing the lack of Emotional Intelligence within organizations, the future of work, and humanity, is at stake

Organizations that develop the emotional and social well-being of their employees see:

More profit

Better retention

Higher productivity

Play is how we began to
develop EQ. There is no reason to stop.

The relationship between Emotional and Social Intelligence and job performance is noted to be a direct indicator of success. Our unique combination of Learning Science, Neuroscience and Game Mechanics is unmatched in its immediacy to strengthen the behaviors people need to be creative, productive, and more human.

Current market competitors provide band-aid solutions that disregard the formula for learning: social (we learn best in groups), active (learner vs lecturer centered), practice (continued effort), and experiential (no death by PowerPoint).

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