Interactive Learning Experience
For Effective Change

Sessions consist of behavior designed games to catalyze discussion, readings and assignments, and real world applications, all embedded in a lively and engaging learning environment. Your team will have so much fun they may not even realize they're learning organizational development.

Ludolo's remote and in-person trainings are designed to elevate your organization's creative potential while building trust and cultivating joy.

Meet Your Facilitator

Roger Manix leads a team at the forefront of designing transformational experiences rooted in experiential learning around the world. From Stanford University's Graduate School of Business to Parson's School of Design, his teachings through collaborative Play develop stronger collaboration, inspire innovation, and create belonging.

Ludolo Helps Organizations With:

Change Management

To engage change effectively requires vision, trust and adaptability. Strong leaders understand what makes each member unique, and know how to champion that uniqueness towards a common goal.

Competency Training

Aligning people to an organization’s competencies is vital for success. An agreed upon language and code of conduct will offer clarity on how to implement competencies in the workplace, and allow your company’s vision to soar.

Team Building

Connections aren’t built in a 15-minute huddle or a during a quick ice-breaker. Higher job satisfaction, better retention, and effective collaboration are all the result of team members that really know each other.

Mid-Senior Level Development

Those in positions of authority are called upon to model what it means to be a leader, and elevate those around them to be a leader themself. From influencing others to self-awareness, mid-level management and C-suite hone the skills to take the company to the next level.


Identify roadblocks & the resources to galvanize change.

Create a sense of community rooted in collaboration & trust

Increase morale & belonging across the entire organization

Develop creativity to augment innovation

Measure effectiveness on individual and team well-being

Foster risk-taking & resilience to impact strategy