Compassionate Leadership
Through Play Course

A collaborative, hands-on, and novel experience for executive leadership.

Taught in The Global Executive Master of Science Program, in Strategic Design and Management at The New School.

Gain the empathy and vulnerability to wholeheartedly lead, and acquire the tools to develop a culture of authenticity and connection.


Roger Manix is at the forefront of designing transformational experiences rooted in Play-based learning around the world. His teachings develop stronger collaboration, inspire innovation, and create belonging through Play.

Learn to be a leader in this new era

Where Emotional and Social Intelligence are the most important trades.


At the core of any organization are
people – unpredictable, diverse,
and complex. The foundation for
leadership must begin with a deep
understanding of how to support


Examine your leadership skills, and
critically think about the
components that nourish healthy
teams and culture.


The curriculum offers context for
Play-based experiences to
generate optimal creativity,
empathy, and compassion in a
commercial environment.


Participants play behavior designed games in a one-hour video conference session. Time is allocated for collaborative gameplay along with guided debriefs to highlight the learning. In between sessions, collaborative coaching to support professional and personal development.

Learner-Centric Teaching

Reinforced Learning

Collaborative Coaching

Philosophy of Pragmatism

Measurable Outcomes

Learning outcomes

Identify roadblocks in creative teams, and the resources to galvanize change

Effectively manage creative projects incorporating Play-based learning

Compassionately manage team dynamics (and dysfunctions) through empathy and vulnerability

Access to facilitation tools and materials to bring Play into your organization

Compassionate Leadership Course

10 Person Per Session Minimum
$ 49
Per Person Per Session
  • 8 x One-hour Interactive Sessions‚Äč
  • Up to 100 Participants Per Session
  • Collaborative Coaching
  • Access to Data & Insights
  • Dedicated Office Hours for Group Discussion
  • Bite Sized Learning to Support Professional & Personal Development
  • BONUS : Trial Access to our interactive Play to Learn curriculum, for families with kids 9 & Up

employee burnout Affects everyone

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