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Each one-hour session consists of behavior designed games, played as a group and in small teams via videoconference, designed to elevate your team's creative potential while building trust and cultivating joy. Games are given further context with lessons in neuroscience, learning science, and organizational development.

Experiential Workshops

Mark Menke

Sr Manager, Marketing - Strategic Accounts. LinkedIn Talent Solutions

"The work that Ludolo does is, frankly, profound. I’ve had the opportunity to experience both in-person intensives and remote play workshops. Whether live or virtual, you’ll be reminded of the importance of play, feel connected, work on morale and belonging—and most of all had fun. Each time is truly transformative."

Meet Your Facilitator

Roger Manix leads a team at the forefront of designing transformational experiences rooted in Play-based learning around the world. From Stanford University's Graduate School of Business to Parson's School of Design, his teachings through collaborative Play develop stronger collaboration, inspire innovation, and create belonging.

Experiential Programming Compatible With:

For Those Looking To Develop The Following:

Psychological Safety & Inclusion

Build the trust to acknowledge, welcome and value differences that support integrity, where true strength resides in our collective championship.

Creativity and Innovation

Develop divergent thinking and collaboration, with a rich curiosity for the unknown. 

Team Building

Advance the skill sets needed for higher profitability, retention, and productivity.

Compassionate Leadership

A collaborative, hands-on, and novel experience for mid-level management and executive leadership to use Play as a way to lead in a time of ambiguity. 


Participants play behavior designed games in a series of one-hour video conference session. Time is allocated for collaborative gameplay along with guided debriefs to highlight the learning. Participants quickly see the link between their behaviors during gameplay and their actions at work. 

Collaborative coaching is conducted between each session to relate lessons learned back to work. Impact on productivity, morale, trust, and collaboration are measured through sentiment analysis conducted between sessions. 

Participants experience 4 or 8 sessions depending on course selection.


Relieve ZOOM fatigue & limit burnout by creating joy

Create a sense of community rooted in collaboration & trust

Increase morale & belonging across the entire organization

Develop creativity to augment innovation

Measure effectiveness on individual and team well-being

Foster risk-taking & resilience to impact strategy

A Fun & Cost Effective Tool For






10 Person Per Session Minimum

Creativity &
Innovation Course

$ 59
Per Person Per Session
  • 4 x One-Hour Interactive Sessions
  • Develop Divergent Thinking, Collaboration, Risk-Taking, Strategy, and Curiosity
  • Up to 100 Participants / Session
  • Collaborative Coaching
  • Access to Data & Insights

Safety & Inclusion Course

$ 49
Per Person Per Session
  • 8 x One-Hour Interactive Sessions
  • Everything in Creativity & Innovation Course PLUS ....
  • Develop Inclusion, Trust, Empathy, Belonging, and Vulnerability
  • Up to 100 Participants / Session
  • Collaborative Coaching
  • Access to Data & Insights

Leadership Course

$ 49
Per Person Per Session
  • 8 x One-hour Interactive Sessions
  • Everything in Creativity & Innovation Course & Psychological Safety Course PLUS ...
  • Develop Emotional Intelligence, Relationship Building, and Problem Solving in Times Of Ambiguity & Uncertainty
  • Up to 100 Participants / Session
  • Collaborative Coaching
  • Access to Data & Insights
  • Dedicated Office Hours for Group Discussion
  • Bite Sized Learning to Support Professional & Personal Development
  • BONUS: Trial Access to our interactive Play to Learn curriculum, for families with kids 9 & Up

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