An Interactive Learning Experience
Your Remote Teams Will Love

Each one-hour session consists of behavior designed games that are played as a group and in small teams via videoconference. Although your team will have so much fun they may not even realize they're learning organizational development, they'll also quickly see the link between their behaviors during gameplay and their actions at work.

Ludolo is designed to elevate your team's creative potential
while building trust and cultivating joy.

Meet Your Facilitator

Roger Manix leads a team at the forefront of designing transformational experiences rooted in experiential learning around the world. From Stanford University's Graduate School of Business to Parson's School of Design, his teachings through collaborative Play develop stronger collaboration, inspire innovation, and create belonging.

For Organizations That Want To Develop

Psychological Safety & Inclusion

It takes trust to be able to acknowledge, value, and welcome differences. Strong teams understand what makes each member unique, and they champion what makes them one.

Creativity and Innovation

A persistent curiosity about the unknown is what develops creative thinkers. Your employees can’t effectively collaborate or innovate without these skills.

Team Building

Connections aren’t built in a 15-minute huddle or a during a quick ice-breaker. Higher job satisfaction, better retention, and effective collaboration are all the result of team members that really know each other.

Profitability & Productivity

It just makes sense: people that want to spend time at work, and who enjoy the people they work with, are going to work harder and smarter. You’ll appreciate it, but so will your bottom line.


Relieve ZOOM fatigue & limit burnout by creating joy

Create a sense of community rooted in collaboration & trust

Increase morale & belonging across the entire organization

Develop creativity to augment innovation

Measure effectiveness on individual and team well-being

Foster risk-taking & resilience to impact strategy

A Fun & Cost Effective Tool For






employee burnout Affects everyone

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